Sodus Point PRo/am

Tournament created by anglers for Anglers

Tournament Rules


Dates: July 17-21, 2019

Entry fee: $100.00 per boat payable to Sodus sportsman club( cover all 5 days). May enter anytime by 8pm the night before. Get money to Matt Leclair, or Krenze marine 249, sodus point, NY 14555. You must completely fill out the entry form and include it with your money.

Location: U.S waters of Lake Ontario, Boats are to fish into sodus point (may start eles where but operate by water into sodus bay)

1. 20lb. Minimum

2. Weigh-in opens at 12:00 noon and closes at 8:00pm except Sunday, which is 3pm.

3. Weigh station will be at Krenzer marine's gas dock Wednesday - thursday, and under the tournament tent Friday-Sunday.
4.Biggest fish of the day only
5.If no fish over 20lb the prize carriers over to next day.
6. Fish must be caught that day.
7.Official tournament scales only.
8. Boat is to enter sodus bay by water( not expected to truck fish in from out of town)
9. Entry is good for only one boat. If teams plan to use multiple boats during prefishing than more than one entry will be required.
10. Prize money will be awarded during the pro am awards ceremony.



Tournament Structure:

Pro Division: The pro division will be a 12 fish, No communication, Observer required tournament.

AM division:  The am division will be 7 fish (6 silver fish; salmon, steelhead and brown) plus one laker, No communication and no observer required.

Captains Meeting: There will be a MANDATORY meeting conducted  Friday before the tournament for both Pro and AM divisions. The Captain from each team plus all Observers for the pro teams must be present. The Captains meeting will be held at the Sodus Point firehall @ 6pm. No Captain or
team member is allowed on the water (Lake Ontario) from ½ hour after sunset on the Friday before the tournament until the tournament is completed with the exception of the tournament itself.

Competition Parameters: The tournament’s intent is to fish two days.
- Fishing will not begin under a small craft advisory.
• Hours of competition are defined below and shall apply to each day of each event unless altered by the tournament committee for inclement weather.
• Teams should be prepared to adjust their schedules to allow for fishing up to 6PM on the first day & 4 PM on the second day if weather conditions cause a delay in starting the event.
• NOTE: There will be no refunds. In the event that the entire tournament is cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances all entry fees will be put in escrow and applied to the following year.


• Turn in Disclaimers and Leave the Dock @ 4:45 AM
• Am’s leave starting point @ 5:20
• Pro’s leave starting point @ 5:30 AM
• Teams begin Fishing @ 6:00 AM
• All teams must be back through pier heads @ 2:00 PM
• Must be in-line with catch @ 3:30 PM

Tournament Limits:

• Teams must enter and exit from assigned port ONLY.
• Tournament fishing is limited to US waters ONLY.
• Fishing in tributaries is prohibited. For the purpose of the tournament Sodus Bay will be considered a tributary.
• It is the responsibility of the team to remain within the tournament boundaries. Straying outside of the tournament boundaries at any time for any reason is prohibited.

Team Structure:  

• Pro teams are not limited to a maximum number of anglers.
• In the Pro Division the allowable maximum number of rods will be 8. In other words, you can have as many anglers on a team as you want but may only run a maximum of 8 rods. You may not run more rods than is allowed by law up to a maximum of 8. Team Captains are responsible for insuring that the appropriate number of NYS fishing licenses are present on the boat to accommodate Tournament fish and rod limits(Observer licenses may be used for a 3 person team).
• Am teams are not limited to a maximum number of anglers but are limited to a maximum of a 4 person limit (12 fish).
• In the Am Division the maximum allowable number of rods will be 6. Team Captains are responsible for insuring that the appropriate number of NYS fishing licenses are present on the boat to accommodate Tournament fish and rod limits.


• Every Pro team is required to provide an observer 18 years of age or older. Observers are required to attend the meeting the evening before the event. Observers will be exchanged between teams on a random basis. Observers must be on their assigned boats no later than 4:45 AM. If a teams observer fails to show up then that team will forfeit a team member, who will act as the observer.
• Observers may not operate boats or assist the team in any way.
• Observers must log in each fish caught on the Score Sheet provided. Items to be recorded are species, time of catch, and estimated weight. Team Leaders MUST make certain the observer fills in all required fields correctly for each fish, then initial corresponding field. A sample will be provided with each score sheet to ensure accuracy.
• Observer score sheets must be signed by the team leader and the observer immediately upon completion of the fishing day. 
• All observers must remain at the Weigh in site until released by the Tournament Director.
• Observers must remain with the team cooler at all times until it has been received by the weigh master.
• Observers are not required in the Am division. Am’s are expected to follow all tournament rules and state laws & regulations.  All Am teams will be under self-regulation and are expected to monitor their own adherence to legal, ethical, and safety standards.

 Boat Size and Identification:

• Boat size will be limited to a minimum length of 18 feet in the professional division. There is no minimum size in the amateur division.  Each team will be issued a pennant which must be affixed to the boats antenna.

Radio Use and Comm. Restriction:  

• All participating boats must be equipped with an operational VHF radio and GPS unit.
• Closed communication will be in effect throughout the tournament including observers. This means no texting, talking, or any type of online activity with any communication device or directly communicating with another boat (regardless if that boat is in the tournament or not) in anyway once the shotgun start has taken place. No communication whatsoever is allowed with a boat fishing on Lake Ontario from 4:30am until the conclusion of either tournament day.
• All phones should be turned off and in the bag provided by 5 AM (only use from 4:30 – 5am is to track down an observer or team member)
• All boats should have their radios on channel 16 only. Tournament control will monitor Channel 16 and all boats will be directed to Channel 9 for announcements. Once announcements are done teams are to change the radio back to channel 16.

Start and End Times:

• Observers must be on their assigned boats no later than 4:45 AM. Teams who fail to have their observers at the assigned boat by 4:45 AM will be required to forfeit a team member to fill in as observer no later than 5:00 AM.
• Pro and Amateur teams will be allowed to leave the dock at 4:45 AM ONLY after turning in their signed disclaimer forms to the tournament committee at the designated point announced at the Captain’s meeting.
• The designated starting point for the tournament will be announced at the captains meeting.
• All electronics may be used prior to start fishing time including temp probes. Nothing used to attract, hook or land a fish may be placed in the water before the start.
• Fishing will commence at 6 AM for both Pro and Amateur teams. In the event of inclement weather an announcement will be made at 4:45 AM and contestants will be directed accordingly.
• Pro and Am boats must be in the designated weigh-in line by 3:30 pm with their coolers and observers.
• Failure to be in line by the deadline will result in disqualification for that day.


• At least one team member and the assigned observer must remain with the days catch until surrendered to the Weigh-in committee.


• All coolers must be marked with the team name and number.
• All coolers will be considered sealed at the end of the day’s fishing and handling of fish by anyone other than a tournament official is prohibited. Coolers must arrive at the Pre-Check Station free of loose ice or water. The tournament committee strongly suggests using block ice and opening the drain plug on the cooler prior to pre-check. Failure to abide by these rules will result in self-induced removal to the back of the pre-check line for correction.


Pro Division

• Tournament limit shall be 12 fish (salmon, steelhead, or trout) 2 of which may be a lake trout and 1 Atlantic salmon per person with a maximum of 4.
• The first legal limit of twelve fish brought on board must be kept.

Amateur Division

• Tournament limit shall be 6 fish (salmon, steelhead, brown) with 1 bonus lake trout to equal 7 fish. Of which one Atlantic salmon per person with a maximum of 4 will be allowed.  
• Amateurs must have only the fish they intend to weigh in their cooler at weigh-in.
• Amateurs are allowed to catch up to their NYS legal limit, but no more than a 4 man crew. Once a fish is kept you cannot throw it back.


• Steelhead – NYS legal length is 21 inches. Captains are allowed the discretion to release Steelhead up to but not exceeding 22 inches. Any Steelhead over 22 inches must be kept. Weighing in a Steelhead less than 21 inches will result in a disqualification for the day. Teams are also responsible for any DEC laws they have violated. It is highly recommended and will be stressed at the Capt. meeting that you don’t bring in an undersized fish. If it’s close to 21″ use discretion!!!

• Atlantic Salmon –NYS legal length is 25 inches. Captains are allowed the discretion to release Atlantic’s up to but not exceeding 26″. Any Atlantic over 26 inches must be kept unless it would put you over your tournament limit for the day. Weighing in an Atlantic less than 25 inches will result in a disqualification for the day. Teams are also responsible for any DEC laws they have violated. It is highly recommended and will be stressed at the Capt. meeting that you don’t bring in an undersized fish. If it’s close to 25″ use discretion!!!

• All other Trout and Salmon –Minimum length is 18 inches. Captains are allowed the discretion to release fish up to but not exceeding 19 inches. Any other trout or salmon over 19 inches must be kept unless it would put you over your tournament limit of fish or Lake Trout for the day. Weighing in a fish under 18″ will result in a disqualification for the day. Teams are also responsible for any DEC laws they have violated. It is highly recommended and will be stressed at the captains meeting that you don’t bring in an undersized fish. If it’s close to 18″ use discretion!!!


• If you have more than one fish on,  the next landed fish constitutes your limit of fish (12).  It is the Captain’s discretion to choose which fish they land first to complete their team limit (12). However, any intentional act such as, but not limited to, shaking off, over-aggressive reeling, breaking off, knocking off with net, or burning off a fish, etc. will subject the team to being disqualified.

• When your limit fish (12th) is netted, boated, determined to be Tournament legal and boxed, your team will be “limited-out” and must immediately release any additional fish at the boat, cease fishing and return to the harbor. No scouting, for example: no driving around looking for other boats or fish.  However, It is acceptable to head towards port at a slow speed to conserve fuel.

• Teams found in violation of these rules after a thorough investigation by Tournament officials will be disqualified.

All Teams:

• Certified measuring boards will be used at the weigh in site. These boards will be present at the Captain’s meeting for teams to compare their own measuring devices to. These boards will be the Official measuring boards of the tournament and will determine whether or not a fish is legal for the tournament.
• Each fish will score 10 points plus one point per pound.
• All fish shall remain the property of the tournament until released to the teams.
• All fish may be tested for legality.
• Disposition of fish must be in compliance with state and local laws.

Protests, Rulings and Litigations:

• Any contestant or observer witnessing a violation of the rules is required to IMMEDIATELY report the alleged violation to a Tournament Official or Tournament Control.
• Any suspected violations will be turned over to the Competition Committee for review. This committee will report all information to the Tournament Director and the Director will attempt to facilitate a resolution of the issue before an Official Protest is filed. Any team or observer has the right to file an Official Protest by completing and signing the Official Protest Form provided by the tournament. A $100.00 (one hundred dollars) non-refundable protest fee (cash only) must accompany any filed protest form.
• This form must be presented to the Tournament Director within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the Director’s review of the case. Upon receiving an Official Protest the Tournament Director will present the team being protested with a Protest Resolution Form. Protested teams will be allowed 15 minutes to complete and return the form to the Tournament Director. Unresolved protests will be forwarded to the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency for investigation.
• The tournament scores of protested teams will not be considered official until a complete investigation is finalized. Any prizes won by a protested team will also be withheld until the investigation is complete.
• Failure of a protested team to complete and return the Protest Resolution Form within the designated time, or failure of a team to be present to address the protest will result in that team’s immediate disqualification.
• Failure of any team to cooperate fully with the Competition Committee or Tournament Director will result in immediate disqualification.ALL DECISIONS OF TOURNAMENT OFFICIALS WILL BE FINAL


All teams must, at any time, allow Tournament Officials to board their boat for inspection. All tournament boats must be available for inspection for the duration of the event. Inspections shall include, but not be limited to, GPS units, fishing tackle and coolers. Failure to comply with an Official’s request for inspection will result in immediate disqualification.


Any inappropriate, improper or abusive conduct by any participant towards any Tournament Official, volunteer, observer or fellow participant shall be deemed a violation of the rules and may subject the violator to penalties or disqualification as determined by the Tournament Committee. Any person or team that has been disqualified by any tournament or derby for an overt act to deceive or defraud may be barred from entry into any future tournament. Any person or team disqualified from these tournaments for overt acts of fraud or misconduct will have their name passed on to other fishing competitions around the lake.


Every reasonable precaution will be taken by the Tournament Committee to protect persons and property during the contest. However, the Committee, its judges, sponsors, officers, directors or employees of the same will not be held responsible for the safety of persons or property participating in the tournament. All participants further understand and agree to hold harmless members of the aforementioned groups from any liability or claim of damages.
•     All tournament boats should carry liability insurance.
•     Each contestant and observer will be required to sign a liability disclaimer each morning before the tournament begins. The disclaimer may be turned in no earlier than 4:45 AM each day (unless altered by the tournament committee). Leaving the departure point without turning in the signed disclaimer form will result in disqualification. The drop off points will be announced at the Captain’s meeting prior to the tournament.

 Pro Division Definition:

Any Captain or team member, excluding the observer, who is/was (within the past 5 years) a licensed charter boat captain, fishing guide, or commercial fisherman and conducted trips with customers, is required to enter the Pro Division. All others may enter the Amateur Division. Amateurs may enter the Pro Division.  NOTE: All entrants agree that their purchase of a registration in any of these events shall constitute an acknowledgement of these rules and they further acknowledge that they understand their obligations and responsibilities outlined within and they agree to abide by these rules and the decisions of the Tournament Officials.

NOTE: Violations of ANY of these rules will result in disqualification for the day or the tournamentType your paragraph here.

Krenzer Marine 3 Fish Challenge


Only teams entered into the pro/am may compete in the challenge. The object of the three fish challenge is to weigh 3 fish in 2 days with the heaviest 3-fish catch winning. The uniqueness of the 3 fish challenge is that it calls for strategy as teams can elect to weigh any number of their 3 tournament fish on day 1, however any fish weighed and counted on day 1 cannot be  exchanged for a bigger fish caught on day 2. 

The three fish challenge mirror the limits of the Sodus Point Pro/Am. Any fish weighed must come from a legal pro/am catch.  If you are disqualified on any day of the tournament you won’t be allowed to enter any fish on the particular day. However, it doesn’t disqualify you from the three fish challenge as you may weigh fish on the other day as long as you weren’t disqualified.